Delicious cake in a hurry

Delicious cake in a hurry


For the dough:

● milk-one glass;

● sugar – 2 cups;

● wheat flour – 3 cups;

● vanilla sugar – one sachet;

● chicken eggs-3 pcs;

● baking powder – 1 tsp;

● cocoa powder – 3 tablespoons.

For the cream:

● cream (any fat content) – 250 ml;

● sugar – one Cup;

● sour cream (any fat content) – 250 ml;

● yogurt (any fat content) – 250 ml.


With a mixer, beat eggs and sugar. Mix baking powder with flour.

Next, all the components that we need to prepare the dough, mix with each other.

The dough should have medium thickness. Turn on the oven and warm it up to 200 degrees.

The dough is placed in a baking dish and bake our cake in the oven until ready. Give the finished cake cool and then cut it lengthwise into two parts.

Prepare the cream.

For this:

● whisk until fluffy sour cream with sugar;

● add yogurt to sour cream;

● separately beat with a mixer cream;

● next, mix the two masses with each other.

Both cakes are covered with a lot of cream.

Decorate the cake can be in any order, that is more to your liking – it can be nuts, chocolate, berries, fruit, jam, coconut, frosting and so on.

Cake on hastily formulated ready!

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