Butter-125 g

Egg-1 PC

Sugar — 4 tbsp

Milk — 4 tbsp

Flour — 3 cups

Walnuts (optional) — 100 g

Condensed milk (boiled) – 1 ban.


Sugar with an egg  grind,  add melted butter, milk
Add the flour and knead the dough, divide into 2-3 parts and freeze.

We take out the dough from the freezer, three on a large grater, spread on baking paper
And bake in a few visits (to dough crumbs lay not a thick layer) at 160 degrees, about 10 minutes, so that the dough becomes Golden.

Grind walnuts.

Mix the baked crumb with boiled condensed milk, nuts.lay out in a plate.

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