Awesome Korean tomatoes

Awesome Korean tomatoes


-2 kg of tomatoes chopped coarsely (half)

-4 PCs of bell peppers

-2 heads of garlic

-2 PCs red (hot) peppers




-100 gr. vinegar’s

-100 gr. raises. oils

-100 gr. sugar

 -2 tablespoons of salt.


1. Pepper, garlic, red pepper 2 PCs, twist on a meat grinder.

2. Stir. Greens cut.

3. Lay in layers in a 3-liter jar: tomatoes, then the mixture of vegetables and herbs.


4. Then we fill it with gas. Close the jar with a lid and place in refrigerator upside down on the neck.

5. This is to ensure that after 8 hours it was ready for use from the top.

6. The evening did, in the morning already ready!

7. And after can be keep in the usual position.

On next day even tastier!

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