Cake “Volcano”

Cake “Volcano”


for the dough:

● egg  – 1  pcs.

● sugar  – 100 gr.

● flour 300 gr. approximately

● drain.oil  – 100 gr.

● soda slaked  – 1/2 tsp.

for filling:

● walnuts 100 gr.

for the cream:

● sour cream 15% 400-500 gr.

● sugar 100-150 gr. by taste

● chocolate 50 gr.


Dough. Grind the drain.the butter with the sugar until white.

Add eggs, soda and mix. Add a portion of the flour, the dough should be soft, elastic.

Remove the dough in the cold for half an hour.

Prepare the nuts.

From dough to pinch off not a big piece in the middle to make a large the shape of the nut.

And roll in the ball.

So be done with all the dough and nuts.

Bake at 220, about 20-30 minutes.

Allow to cool. Cream. Whip cream with sugar. Not long.

Each ball dip into the cream, put in the form of “volcano”.

Chocolate to melt, pour on top of cake.Let the cake soak.

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