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Stewed cabbage with smoked meat

Stewed cabbage with smoked meat   When a wife leaves somewhere, and I am left alone, somehow the desire for cooking drastically drops. Apparently, because there is no one for whom. And me something that – I would just be satisfying, tastier and simpler.

Cutlets in captivity

Cutlets in captivity Ingredients: Pork and beef minced meat-600 g Potatoes-2 PCs. Tomato-2 PCs. Large onions — 1-2 PCs. Hard cheese-150 g Salt-to taste Ground black pepper-to taste Mayonnaise-to taste  

Baked tomatoes with cheese

  Baked tomatoes with cheese   INGREDIENTS: ● 1 large tomato ● grated Parmesan ● fresh herbs (oregano, parsley, thyme) ● salt and pepper ● olive oil PREPARATION: Tomato cut in half and put in a dish for baking.

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