Cheese sticks for soup

Cheese sticks for soup

If you bake cheese sticks, your children will have breakfast with great pleasure. Especially good cheese sticks are suitable for soups.


Cheese: 150 Grams,

Butter: 80 Grams,

Wheat flour: 150 Grams,

Milk: 100 milliliters,

Baking Powder: 3 Grams




We begin traditionally – we rub our cheese on a large grater. The more tasty the cheese, the better the sticks.


Mix the grated cheese with butter.



Sift into the mixture flour, salt and baking powder. We add milk and very quickly we knead the dough – just a couple of minutes.



You should get this kind of dough. We remove it in the refrigerator – for 10 minutes.

A ball of dough is rolled into a thin layer, from which we cut out narrow and long strips. Each strip is wrapped around a stick or pencil, and then take out the pencil.



From each strip of dough you should get such a beautiful spiral.

Put the spiral into the oven and bake for 15 minutes at 200 degrees. To the golden color.



You can serve both warm and cold.


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