Chicken roll in bottle

Chicken roll in bottle


Chicken-1 Piece
Walnuts-100 Grams
Gelatin-30 Grams
Garlic-2 Cloves
Salt and seasonings-to taste

1. For this roll you can take a whole chicken, and you can have a ready fillet (if you like lean rolls). In addition, meat can be cooked in two ways: boil, making broth transparent (with vegetables and herbs), and you can put out, as in our version.

2. We send meat to the pan, without adding any fats! Put a weak fire and begin to put out the meat

3. Salt and pepper the meat, cover and continue to simmer.

4. Meanwhile, we plant gelatin in warm water. He must stand and completely dissolve.

5. When the meat is ready (it is stewed in its own juice for no more than 35 minutes on low heat), let it cool and separate from the bone.

6. Then mix with the diluted gelatin and broth, pour into the bottle and put in the refrigerator until completely hardened.


Bon appetit!

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