Creamy chicken with tarragon

Creamy chicken with tarragon

Creamy chicken with tarragon – a dish, as I said, very unusual and unexpected.

Cooked on this recipe, the chicken is very fresh and delicate.

Tarhun after baking gets a softer flavor, garlic generally becomes creamy, and as a result, a dish with a very curious and original taste.

In short, you need to try it once. Good luck 🙂


Chicken: 1 Kilogram,

Cream: 500 milliliters,

Tarhun Fresh: 30 Grams,

Garlic: 15 Teeth,

Olive oil: 2 Art. spoons




Pieces of my chicken and put in a baking dish.



Any pieces of chicken will fit – in my case legs were used.

In the same form for baking spread garlic cloves, evenly distributing them over the entire area of ​​the mold.



Cover the chicken with the washed leaves of the tarhuna.



Pour into the mold for baking cream.

In the end, add a small amount of olive oil – more for smell than for fat.



We put the form for baking in the oven. Bake for 25-30 minutes at 200 degrees.



Served with your favorite side dish – it is best combined with rice.

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