Delicate herring under a fur coat with an egg

Delicate herring under a fur coat with an egg

Delicate herring under a fur coat with an egg -this is my favorite, in principle, the classic salad herring under a fur coat, but a little different with a few changes. Vegetables are not cooked, and baked in the sleeve, in the oven. And onion we simply’ll fry.


Herring fillet 2 PCs.

Potatoes 3 PCs.

Carrot 2 PCs.

Beets 1 PC.

Onion 1-2 PCs.

Eggs 4 -5 PCs.

Mayonnaise 250 g

Salt to taste




All layers in order

To start, cut the onion into quarter rings.

Fry it in vegetable oil until light brown. I fry on the smallest fire, so that the onion languishes.

Now vegetables.

Vegetables for this salad I bake in advance, in the sleeve, each separately.

Carrots, potatoes and beets, all separately.

Bake the vegetables until cooked, about 40 minutes, the temperature in the oven 180 degrees.


Cool down, clean and RUB on a coarse grater.


Boiled eggs clean. Divide into yolks and whites.

We mash the yolks with a fork and proteins grate on a coarse grater. And of course herring, cleaned and boned, cut into small cubes.

Collect salad.

Can be slide and can be in split form.

Install the form on the dish and the first layer we have potatoes.


A little salt and a mesh of mayonnaise.


Next, lay out the herring and the cooled fried onions.


Then comes the yolk.

Distribute the carrots,

a little salt and a mesh of mayonnaise.

Now beets add few salt and liberally lubricated with mayonnaise.

Egg white on top.

Impregnate our salad 2-3 hours minimum.

Special taste give this salad is baked vegetables. It’s really delicate herring under a fur coat with egg and fried onions.

Bon appetit!

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