Eateries “cigarettes” pita.

Eateries “cigarettes”  pita.

Snack “cigarettes”  pita.
I bring to your attention crispy rolls, which are liked by both adults and children.

They are pleased to be sad about the TV and beer.

Also, they are ideal for more strong drinks.

Composition of the product:

Lavash Armenian

Hard cheese

Sausage (you can without it)





Three cheese on a fine grater.

Garlic and greens finely chop, then grind them to the pulp.

Sausage three on a large grater.

Mix all the foods, add the yolk and mix thoroughly.

Cut lavash into triangles. Then we put our stuffing on the smaller side.

Then turn the rolls, lubricating the free part of the triangle with protein, so as not to untwist.

Fry our rolls in vegetable oil and put on a napkin to remove excess oil.

Well, our crispy buns are ready.



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