Julien in tartlets

Julien in tartlets


Chicken breast (boiled) – 400 g

Mushrooms (fresh) – 400 g

Onion – 2 PCs

Cheese (creamy, not very hard) – 300 g

Cream (20% — – 500 ml)

Wheat flour — 2 tbsp



  1. Mushrooms, onions, breast finely chop and fry until evaporation of excess fluid.

2. Add the cream and slowly enter the flour.
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Salad with sea cabbage

Salad with sea cabbage (very tasty!)


250 gr. canned sea cabbage

100-150 gr. smoked sausage cheese

4-5 hard boiled eggs

1 jar (small) of canned green peas

green onion


salt, pepper to taste
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Ingredients and cooking:

Put layers, accurately mayonnaise.

3 boiled potatoes cut into cubes, coat with mayonnaise,

put fried mushrooms with onions (any: fresh, boiled, dry or canned) on it, I did not smear this layer with mayonnaise,
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Cutlets in captivity

Cutlets in captivity


Pork and beef minced meat-600 g

Potatoes-2 PCs.

Tomato-2 PCs.

Large onions — 1-2 PCs.

Hard cheese-150 g

Salt-to taste

Ground black pepper-to taste

Mayonnaise-to taste

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Cake “Volcano”

Cake “Volcano”


for the dough:

● egg  – 1  pcs.

● sugar  – 100 gr.

● flour 300 gr. approximately

● drain.oil  – 100 gr.

● soda slaked  – 1/2 tsp.

for filling:

● walnuts 100 gr.
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