Salad of crab sticks

Salad of crab sticks


Ingredients to the recipe:

Crab sticks – 1 pack (240g)

Canned corn – 1 jar (380g)

Cucumbers – 300 g

Cabbage Peking-200g

Mayonnaise-for salad dressing

Salt, small

Prepare the salad with crab sticks


Prepare all the necessary components for the salad. Due to the fact that they are all multi-colored, salad turns bright and appetizing.


The first cut cucumbers.   Try to choose small.  Before slicing cubes, I recommend peeling.

If you take the cucumbers from your own garden, nitrates can not be afraid, and therefore not cleaned!

Сrab sticks get out of the package.

I basically do not buy this product for weight loss, because I believe that the vacuum packaging provides the necessary antibacterial protection during storage.

Cut the sticks into small pieces.

Then finely chop the Chinese cabbage.

Mash it further there is no need, otherwise it will lose juice and it will not be pleasant to crunch in a salad.


Next, combine all the ingredients in the salad bowl, adding canned corn. Refuel with mayonnaise and salt to taste.

I prefer easy option this salad, so always I take house mayonnaise with reduced fat content.

You can replace the mayonnaise with sour cream, also very tasty. Stir the contents of the salad bowl, salt and eat fresh

Bon appetit!


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