400g chicken breast

300 g of mushrooms

200 g of prunes

200 gr of cheese

2-3 potatoes

2-3 eggs

1 cucumber

mayonnaise for refueling



1.    Cook until tender chicken breast, eggs and potatoes.  Prunes pour boiling water for 15 minutes. Mushrooms fry in vegetable oil.

2. In the form of a split spread in layers, first cut into medium pieces of prunes

3. Then boiled chicken breast cut into pieces. Layer of mayonnaise.

4. Then potatoes, diced. Layer of mayonnaise.

5. Then a layer of fried mushrooms. Mayonnaise after fungi do not add!

6. Then comes the salad layer of grated eggs on a small grater. Layer of mayonnaise.

7. The next layer is cheese grated on a coarse grater.

8. On the top of our Venetian salad, grate the cucumber on a medium grater or cut into thin rings. Decorate the salad to your liking.

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