Salad with chicken and pineapple in tartlets

Salad with chicken and pineapple in tartlets.


Chicken fillet (boiled) – 200 g;

Canned pineapple-200 g;

Hard cheese-70 g;

Garlic — 1-2 tooth.;

Walnuts (kernels) – 30 g;

Salt, freshly ground black pepper (to taste) ;

Boiled eggs – 2 PCs;

Mayonnaise (to taste) ;

Tartlets, waffle ;




Boiled chicken cut into small pieces. Add to chicken diced canned pineapples.


Cheese grate on a coarse grater, chop the kernels of nuts with a knife. Add cheese and nuts to the rest of the ingredients.


Also add in salad and chopped boiled eggs with chopped up garlic.


Salad salt and pepper to taste, add mayonnaise. Mix thoroughly.


Very tasty salad with pineapples and chicken fill tartlets, sprinkle with chopped nuts and decorate with greens. Serve the tartlets to the table!

Bon appetit!

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