Pork: 800 Grams,

Eggs: 3 Pieces,

Bacon: 100 Grams,

Cheese hard: 100 Grams,

Cheese of mozzarella: 70 Grams,

Breadcrumbs: 50 Grams,

Salt, spices: – To taste




Preparing this schnitzel is very simple. Pork is cut into small portions, each thin piece is broken into a thin cake.




On a thin piece of pork we spread thin slices of bacon, on them – a layer of mozzarella, on it – a slice of hard cheese.




We turn the whole thing into this roll.



Dipping roll in eggs, whipped together with spices, and then dipped in breadcrumbs.





Fry the schnitzel on low heat until it is ready – it’s about 20 minutes. Serve hot with your favorite side dish.



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