Shrimp salad in tartlets


Shrimp salad in tartlets

I want to share with you a recipe for shrimp salad in tartlets.

A delicious, hearty dish can be served as a snack or as a salad. At the same time, it can become a worthy decoration of your holiday table.

Composition of the product:

Shrimp-250 gr.

Chicken eggs-4 pcs.

Mozzarella cheese-150 gr.

Pepper Bulgarian (yellow) – 0,5 pcs.

Garlic-1 piece

Tartlets-10 pcs.

Red caviar-100 gr.




1. First of all, we set cooking on average fire hard-boiled eggs (about 7 minutes).

Then put them under cold running water, and then clean the sink.

Shrimp is also sent to boil over medium heat in salted water.

Cook for about 10 minutes, then cool and peel off the shell and head.

2. Boiled eggs cut into medium cubes and put in a salad bowl.

Add the shrimp (whole). We rub cheese on a large grater. We add. Peppers are cleaned of seeds and cut into small cubes, after which they are added to the salad.

Add salt, pour mayonnaise and garlic.

Mix gently.



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