Sour Cream Cake

Sour Cream Cake



● 200 g of oil

● 4 th.l honey

● 400 g sugar

● 2  –  soda

● 4 eggs

● 1200 g  flour (6 cups) may need a little more


● 1 liter of sour cream

● 400 g – sugar


Melt the butter with the honey on the fire, add sugar, remove from heat, let stand for a few moments(that was not hot), and add the eggs and flour with soda.

If dough strongly sticks, add flour.

Roll out six big cakes(or 12 small). Bake at 180 C until tender.

Cream: Whisk sour cream with sugar. It is good to coat the cakes.

Top cake sprinkle crumbs (scraps of cakes) and cut nuts.

Refrigerate at least overnight.

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