Tatar pie “Zur belish”

Tatar pie “Zur belish”


Flour-450 g
Sour cream-150 g
Kefir-150 g
Baking powder – 1 tsp
Butter (for greasing the cake is ready) — 15 g
Salt-to taste
Potatoes (peeled) – 700 g
Onion – 200 g
Beef-600 g
Ground black pepper-to taste
Beef broth-optional


1. Mix sour cream, kefir, 0.5 h. L. of salt, add flour flavored with baking powder, knead dough. Flour add not all at once, it may need more or less. The dough will be soft, very pleasant to the touch, knead for a long time it is not necessary, only that it was elastic. Wrap the dough in film and leave it “rest” for 30 minutes, and at this time to prepare the filling

2. For the filling, beef and potatoes cut into cubes, chop onion finely, add salt and pepper and mix well.

3. From the dough to separate a piece of grams 150-170, it will go to the “lid”, decoration and a small ball-stopper, which will close a small hole in the cake. From the rest of the dough roll out the cake, put it in a greased form, so that the edges of the dough slightly protrude beyond the form.

4. Put in the form with the dough the stuffing from the balance test is to take 100 grams, roll it into a circle, place it in the middle the filling, seal the dough in a circle to take it.

5. From the remaining dough to leave about 15-20 g for the ball-tube, and the rest to roll out a thin circle decoration with a diameter of about as our “cover,” to make incisions in the pastry roller or knife.

6. Put the dough in center to seal it with a seam, which is obtained by the pinching of the pie, and to interconnect the slotted notches, it turns out the pattern.

7. In the center make a hole about 1.5–2 cm in diameter, close it with the ball-stopper and put the pie in a preheated 180 °C oven for 2.5 hours. After 40-50 minutes to open the cork and pour a little broth (add broth or not will depend on the starch of the potatoes). Reduce the temperature to 150-160 ºC and bake a cake.

8. The finished cake remove from the oven, grease with butter, close with a paper towel, let stand 15-20 minutes.

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