Wafer rolls with condensed milk

Wafer rolls with condensed milk


●5 eggs

●200 g margarine

●300 g sugar

●300 g flour

For the cream:

●1 Bank of condensed milk

●100 g butter



1. Melt margarine and cool to room temperature. Beat eggs with sugar in a magnificent mass.


2. Add margarine and sifted flour to the eggs and mix well.

3. Warm up the waffle iron, grease with vegetable oil, put a tablespoon of dough and bake for 2-3 minutes.

4. Tip: to check the correct consistency of the dough, first put a teaspoon of dough and try to bake a small wafer. 5. If the product is spread out, add more flour.

6. The hot waffle to be rolled into a tube.

7. Prepare cream: butter at room temperature, mix until smooth with boiled condensed milk.

When the wafer tubes cool down, fill them with pastry syringe filling.

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