● 4 cups sugar;

● 2 tablespoons gelatin (20 g);

● 1 tsp citric acid;

● 0.5  –  soda.


Soak gelatin in advance (2 tbsp.l. with a top 100 g. of water). In a pot pour sugar, pour a glass of cold water and put on medium heat,do not forget to stir.

From the moment of boiling, we detect 3 minutes and add the prepared gelatin, remove the pan and mix everything thoroughly until the gelatin is completely dissolved.

Allow to cool a little fluid, but only slightly, beat will be hot.

Beat with a mixer for 5 minutes on medium speed, making a break for 5 minutes and beat again exactly 5 minutes.

Add citric acid and soda.

Whisk again, whisk in hand for about 10 minutes.

Give mass to stand for 20 minutes.Zephyr will be twice as large, so the marshmallows will be a lot.

Prepare trays, cutting boards, preferably made of plastic.

Planted a lot on the Board that need to be moistened with water so that the marshmallows do not stick.

When the pellets harden, carefully remove them with a thin knife and glue in pairs. Zephyr’s ready!

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